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VDA 6.3 changes

VDA 6.3 auditor kovetelmenyek megujitasa 2023

In 2023, the requirements for obtaining and renewing the VDA 6.3 auditor certification will change.

The following diagram illustrates the requirements for obtaining the certificate:

The rules regarding the extension will also change. The new rules are illustrated in the figure below:

Our relevant courses:

(ID 381-EN) VDA 6.3: 2023 Process auditor qualification

(ID 382-EN) VDA 6.3: 2023 Process auditor examination for certification

(ID 381_382-EN) VDA 6.3: 2023 Process auditor qualification and examination for certification

(ID 333-EN) VDA 6.3 Upgrade training from VDA 6.3:2016 to VDA 6.3:2023

(ID 386-EN) VDA 6.3 (2016) Extension of the qualification certified process auditor

(ID 341-EN) VDA 6.3 – Workshop for certified process auditors

Our recommended relevant additional courses:

(ID 417-EN) Automotive Core Tools for process and system auditors

(ID 211-EN) IATF 16949 – Qualification for 1st/2nd party auditor

(ID 3101-EN) ISO 9001 Certified Internal Auditor

(ID 3102-EN) ISO 14001 Environmental management system internal auditor

(ID 3103-EN) ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management system internal auditor 

(ID 3104-EN) TISAX + ISO 27001:2022 internal auditor

(ID 3105-EN) ISO/IEC 17025 internal auditor training on laboratory management system

What changes in the new edition?

The revision and update process of the VDA 6.3 process audit requirement system, widely used by German automotive companies and mandatory for some automakers, is nearing its end.

The new edition is planned to be released in German and English by the beginning of 2023 by VDA QMC, followed soon after by language translations in various countries, including translations prepared by QFD Engineering Consulting Office.

There will be many minor and some significant changes in the new edition.

Broadly speaking, the changes are:

The chapter containing D questions applicable to automotive industry services will be removed from the volume. The audit of the logistics service is regulated in a new VDA volume in 6.8.

In accordance with the point above, part 7, the percentage evaluation for EU7 for evaluating transport and material handling, is removed from the evaluation of chapter P6.

In accordance with the industry trends of recent years, requirements related to software, software quality assurance (e.g. ASPICE) are playing a more prominent role.

The requirements have been harmonized with other relevant regulations such as Ensuring the Readiness Level of New Parts (RGA/MLA).

The new volume formulates a recommendation for the determination of the method of execution of audits based on risk analysis, on the basis of which the organization can decide whether to conduct an on-site, remote or hybrid audit.

There will be fewer applicable questions, so the ability analysis assessment will change. The P2.2 requirement for project management resources was included in the questions related to special product and process risks and received a star designation, while the star for the requirements for the transfer of projects to serial production was transferred from P4.8 to question P6.1.1.

Last but not least, the requirements for auditors’ competences related to products and production processes are also changing.

How do these changes affect players in the automotive industry?

Similar to previous editions, the VDA QMC and the Quality Management Council determine the time available for the transition. This was 18 months for previous editions. Of course, individual customers who require the application of VDA 6.3 may specify a shorter period.

In order for organizations to conduct audits according to the new edition, they must ensure the appropriate training and further education of auditors. The training of VDA QMC instructors has already begun and will be completed by the end of the year. By the time the new edition is released, a sufficient number of competent trainers will be available in every country to train and retrain automotive company auditors in a timely manner.

The basic training will consist of a four-day course as usual and an optional fifth-day exam that some automakers require from suppliers. Auditors who already have VDA 6.3 process auditor qualifications can obtain the update through e-learning or online training.

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