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During our consultancy and training projects, we face our clients’ tasks and problems that need to be solved on a daily basis, many of which they cannot handle efficiently or at all with their current systems and supporting software.

Our applications assist in the successful and efficient completion of tasks related to control systems, satisfying various standard and customer requirements.


What is SMANAG used for?

The SMANAG system allows any company to design its management system according to ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 requirements as needed, in a way that can be presented during certification and customer audits and ensures compliance.

Due to the modular structure of the software, every organization can find the most suitable solution, whether the goal is to establish the simplest management system to meet certification requirements or to manage a complex, five-site organization while taking into account process effectiveness and efficiency.

Process Management

In the Process Management (PM) module, it is possible to create a management manual that fully satisfies standard requirements, define the organization’s processes, their sequence and interaction, and describe the processes in detail following the so-called turtle model.

Risk management

In the Risk Management (RM) module, it is possible to create a corporate-level SWOT analysis based on external and internal factors affecting the organization. Similar to corporate-level risk analysis, it is possible to examine risks and opportunities at the process level as well.

Competence management

The Competence Management (CM) module enables the company to determine the job positions required for each process, the competencies necessary for these job positions, and then assign employees to each job position. After the assignment, the system automatically evaluates the necessary and existing competencies and, if there are any deficiencies, indicates the training needs, for which training plans can be created.

Customer Specific Requirements

The Customer Specific Requirements (CSR) module provides a solution to one of the biggest challenges in the automotive industry. The system allows for structured management, review, and assignment of CSR’s to business processes. This enables any colleague working in a particular process to view at any time what additional requirements the customers have and what requirements are applicable to their work. Of course, the SMANAG system automatically creates a matrix that combines corporate processes with customer-specific requirements.

For more information please contact our colleague:

Mr. Csaba SZUDA

Managing director

Whether your business will be successful, just exists or fails depends
on the performance of your organizational processes.

If your processes will be effective and efficient depends on the way how you define and control them. SMANAG Process Management (PM) module allows you to tailor your management system according to its size and complexity.

Small, mid size and large organizations find also their apropriate solution from the pre-defined “can” system up to the 3 process level depth customer defined system.

Process approach and meeting of automotive requirements are granted.