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Virtual learning

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Our company supports the flexible acquisition of knowledge with e-learning course materials and virtual learning opportunities.  

In addition to traditional, classroom-based and live training courses held remotely with Internet solutions, various virtual training courses that students can complete independently at any time are gaining more and more space.  

Our e-learning course materials enable flexible learning made up of modules, accessible to anyone online, via computer or mobile phone.  

For our trainings, we primarily use small, easy-to-process blocks of information (nuggets), so that the participants can progress with the material even if they only have 5-10 minutes at a time.  

Each course contains short videos, animations and multiple-choice tests that present information relevant to the target group.  

To ensure flexibility and mass access, training materials are available on a computer or any mobile device 


Why is it Beneficial?

  • It is not necessary to train different groups of workers simultaneously in time and space 
  • The employee can progress at his own pace  
  • The employee can access the curriculum from any location, saving time and money by not having to travel and stay somewhere else 
  • There is no need for a separate infrastructure (providing a training room 
  • The acquisition of knowledge is evaluated with a test and can be monitored objectively  
  • Successful completion is confirmed by issuing a certificate 

In addition to ready-made, immediately available course materials, you also have the option of preparing unique course materials for your company in our studio or even at the company’s premises. 

As an example, see our virtual  Product integrity for everyone! training at !

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Mr. Tamás NOVÁK

Sales and business development manager