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(Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange)

What exactly does the TISAX Label mean?

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), managed by the ENX Alliance on behalf of the German VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) is the only industry-specific security framework for information security assessment for automotive suppliers, OEMs and other companies operating in the automotive supply chain.

In many cases, obtaining the TISAX label in the automotive industry can help win orders, and German automakers such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen Group already require the TISAX label for suppliers bidding on new projects.


If your company supplies to the German automotive industry, your customer may expect you to demonstrate that your information security mangement system meets the defined level of requirements of the “VDA ISA (Information Security Assesment)”.


Why to choose QFD Group Kft?

For automotive companies, the implementation and maintenance of the TISAX system are crucial for the protection of their critical data and business secrets.

QFD Group Kft. is an excellent choice as an educational and consulting partner for projects of this nature. With our experienced and highly trained professionals, we guarantee full compliance with TISAX requirements and the implementation of comprehensive data protection and security solutions.

Through our customized training and consulting services, our clients can efficiently and effectively achieve successful TISAX audit completion. Over the years, we have assisted numerous small and large automotive suppliers and service providers in Hungary and abroad in their preparations. Without exception, these companies have obtained the TISAX label.

As VDA QMC licence partner in Hungary and in the South-Slavic Region, we are able to provide reliable information regarding the requirements. Our training and consulting offerings strive to meet all emerging needs in this area, and we continually enhance our services. Several outstanding automotive consultants and trainers are at the disposal of our clients.

If you too need a trustworthy and experienced partner for TISAX projects, then QFD Group Kft. is the best choice!

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One of our Success Stories:

One of our most memorable TISAX consulting projects was a collaboration with a large international electronics manufacturer and Tier 1 automotive supplier

The company faced significant data privacy challenges in the form of requirements imposed by its customer, the OEM. Naturally, the acquisition of the TISAX label was also a deadline requirement for the nomination of the new project.

The expert team of QFD Group Kft. closely collaborated with the company’s management and staff from the beginning of the project to understand their business processes and information security challenges. After this, we put together a customized TISAX consulting program that was based on the initial GAP analysis, once it became clear which areas required improvement. 

The consulting program included a complete understanding of the requirements, the preparation of an inventory of information assets, the development of a risk management system based on it, the development of data protection measures, the review of internal processes and documentation, as well as the training of employees.

The result was excellent!

With the help of QFD Group Ltd.’s experts, the company successfully met the requirements of TISAX, obtained a label following the third-party certification audit, and managed to protect their trade secrets and sensitive data.

The company’s management was satisfied with the project and grateful for the QFD Group Ltd.’s expert team for their efficient and effective consultancy.

However, our successful TISAX consultancy project did not stop in Hungary. Due to the client’s satisfaction, they requested the services of QFD Group Ltd. for the involvement of their additional foreign and overseas locations.

With the personalized consultancy plan we provided and expert support, the new and additional locations successfully passed the TISAX audit and obtained the TISAX label.

As a result of the client’s satisfaction, the project has moved to an international level.

This project is further proof that QFD Group Ltd.’s high-level expert support not only successfully helps automotive companies in Hungary but also on an international level to meet the requirements of TISAX audits and comply with secure data protection standards.

QFD Group Ltd.’s services provide the highest level of professional quality and credibility in line with TISAX requirements, making security and data protection a fundamental factor for their clients’ market competitiveness.

The success of the project also indicates that QFD Group Ltd. is capable of collaborating with the largest automotive companies and providing customized TISAX consultancy solutions that meet their clients’ highest expectations.

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