(Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange)

What exactly does the TISAX Label mean?

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), managed by the ENX Alliance on behalf of the German VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) is the only industry-specific security framework for information security assessment for automotive suppliers, OEMs and other companies operating in the automotive supply chain.

In many cases, obtaining the TISAX label in the automotive industry can help win orders, and German automakers such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen Group already require the TISAX label for suppliers bidding on new projects.


If your company supplies to the German automotive industry, your customer may expect you to demonstrate that your information security management meets the defined level of requirements of the “VDA ISA (Information Security Assessment)”.


Why choose QFD Group?

For automotive companies, the introduction and maintenance of the TISAX system is crucial for the protection of their data and business secrets.

QFD Group Ltd. is an excellent choice as a training and consulting partner for such projects. With the help of our experienced and highly trained professionals, we guarantee the complete fulfillment of TISAX requirements and the implementation of comprehensive data protection and security solutions.

Through our customized training and consulting services, our clients can efficiently and successfully complete TISAX audits.

Over the years, we have assisted numerous small and large Hungarian and foreign automotive suppliers and service providers in their preparation, all of whom have successful obtained the TISAX label.

As the Hungarian and South-East Europe license partner of VDA QMC, our clients can obtain authentic information about the requirements firsthand, and our training and consulting portfolio strives to meet all emerging needs in this field, which we continuously develop. We have several excellent automotive consultants and trainers at our clients’ disposal.

If you need a reliable and experienced partner for TISAX projects, then QFD Group Ltd. is the best choice!

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