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Training or competence? Competency means the ability for usage both knowledge and skills. This ability may be the decisive factor between success and defeat. With competent employees organisations operate more effective which leads finally to efficiency.

If you are seeking after real competence, first the objective and adequate strategy of qualification must be clarified! Otherwise there is a high risk that the you waste money without getting the expected competency.

Since 2003 we delivered thousands of trainings in Hungary and the sorrounding countries at different companies from small family owned firms to such big players like Continental, Robert Bosch, Valeo, Mercedes-Benz or Audi. Our trainers can support you in clarification of objectives, necessary actions and also the follow up activities after competency development projects.

In 2011 our company was nominated as official licensee of VDA QMC for Hungary, then in 2017 for 5 additional South-East European countries like Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia. Since then we offer the highest level VDA QMC trainings developed by working groups built up from German OEM and Tier 1 experts. Quality of the training content is assured by the control over licensees, selection, qualification and approval of trainers by VDA QMC.

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