We help you to improve!

Time is money!

Why would you invent existing processes and methods when they have already been defined and proven in practice? Our expert colleagues support you in organizational development and process optimization, from process definition and risk analysis to the development of business continuity concepts and the integration of various systems. Our tried-and-true consulting method guarantees the successful achievement of project goals on time.

We don’t give fish, we teach fishing. Therefore, in our consulting projects, if the appropriate resources are available on the client side, we strive to ensure that our clients’ employees gain the competencies during the projects to operate the established processes and systems effectively and efficiently in the future, without the need for further external assistance.

We consider our work successful only if the value-creating processes in the organization operate at a higher level as a result of the completed task.

The effectiveness of our methods is demonstrated by satisfied customers such as thyssenkrupp, Flex, Hydro, Robert Bosch, Valeo Siemens, Samsung SDI, or Audi Hungaria Zrt. among OEMs.

The foundation of our effectiveness is that we always tell the truth, not what our clients want to hear.


Mr. Tamás NOVÁK

Sales Manager

Mr. István SULYOK

Account Manager South Slavic Region