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Competence Development

Are you responsible for employee training at your company?

QFD Kft. offers the most comprehensive range of trainings in the automotive industry and quality management in Hungary, our goal is helping to achieve higher added value work and increased efficiency at your company. 

We are the only one licensed partner of VDA QMC (German Automotive Industry Association) in the Hungarian and South Slavic markets, which entitles us to issue the official, internationally acknowledged certificate of the VDA QMC. 

The primary profile of our company is to provide trainings related to Automotive Quality Management Systems and Integrated Management Systems, along with system development consulting and system operation support.

Apart from the Automotive Industry, we are eager to offer our services to any company where the goal is to achieve and increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency in management systems through effective utilization of the possibilities in the process- and risk management.  


We are facing rapid and continuous technological change, it increase the shortage of skilled professionals everywhere in the world.

In our age, which is also known as the age of the fourth industrial revolution, a qualified employee, capable of continuous learning and willing to learn, whose work is organized and managed with modern management methods, is a decisive condition for competitiveness. 

The future of the Hungarian automotive industry lies in research and development and innovation in the fastest growing segments. In order for your company to remain competitive and increase its productivity, a well-trained workforce is crucial. 

Our mission is to contribute to developing the competencies and skills of the workforce through professional trainings. 


Skill & Practice

Since 2003, we have conducted thousands of training courses in Hungary and the surrounding countries at a wide variety of companies, from small family firms to large companies such as Continental, Robert Bosch, Valeo, Mercedes-Benz or Audi. 

Our tutors, who are professionally trained and have practical experience at large companies, can provide effective support in the development of employees’ competencies. 

 In case of adequate number of participants, our training courses can be held at your premises, otherwise we welcome participants in our well-equipped training rooms in Budapest. In line with the digital transformation, most of our courses are also available online. Some competencies can also be acquired in the form of an interactive workshop. 

Most of our trainings can be completed in Hungarian, English and Serbian. 

Licenc partner of VDA QMC!

We are proudly announcing that since the 1st of September 2011 QFD Engineering Consulting Ltd. has become the official license partner of VDA QMC for Hungary, then since the 1st of April 2017 for five additional countries in the South-East region, like Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia. 

Since then, we have been offering the highest level of VDA QMC training in these countries, developed by working groups consisting of experts from German OEMs and Tier 1 companies. 

 The quality of the training content is ensured by the VDA QMC through the supervision of license partners and the selection, training and qualification of instructors. 

Training topics:

Our official adult training license entitles us to participate in any training courses that are running by grant of The European Union funds or the Hungarian Government.  

For more information please contact our colleagues:

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Sales manager - South-east europe

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