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Automotive training

Competence development, consulting, system development support

Our company provides training related to quality management and other management systems, relevant system development consulting and operational support for its customers in the automotive industry and beyond.

We are a regional license partner of the VDA QMC (Quality Management Center in the German Association of the Automotive Industry) in Hungary and in the South-East region, like Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia.

Our goal is to achieve and increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency in management systems, through the best possible exploitation of the possibilities inherent in process and risk management.

Why is it worth working with us?

We are actively engaged with most Hungarian and Southeast European automotive companies, so we clearly see that challenges are continuous in the automotive industry, in such rapidly changing sector. Therefore, it is essential that employees receive appropriate automotive training in order for the given company to become and then remain competitive.

Our company specializes in this and has the expertise and tools to help automotive companies offer their employees the best possible training. When selecting our trainers, a key consideration is their significant experience in relevant automotive and integrated systems.

We believe that only professionals who have worked in leadership positions at automotive companies themselves can assist our clients, as they know the difference and commonalities between the theoretical concepts described in books and the immediate decision-making problems that arise during the operation of a company.

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