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VDA QMC Publications


The Quality Management Center of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA QMC) is responsible for coordinating the development and the publishing of the so-called VDA volumes, also known as VDA standards.

The development of requirements is carried out by working groups composed of members delegated by German automotive manufacturers and suppliers under the direction of VDA QMC.

As a regional licensee partner of VDA QMC, our company, QFD Group Kft., not only provides training related to requirements but also contributes to the distribution of German automotive requirements in the supplier chain by translating and publishing VDA volumes into Hungarian and Serbian.

This enables automotive companies operating in Hungary and the South Slavic region to make the volumes containing standards and requirements available to their employees in their native language.

For more information please contact our colleague:

Mrs. Adrienn TÓTH



Phone: +36 20 315 2866