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Interim management

Lack in human resources?

There are situations when companies do not have sufficient or adequate human resources available.

We help our clients bridge these periods with our interim engineering and management services, so that their processes remain operational until a suitable full-time colleague can be hired.

The changes in the automotive industry pose continuous challenges to its participants. One of these challenges could be the absence of a key leadership position within an organization, which already has an impact on the company’s successful and efficient operation. This can occur, for example, when a top executive unexpectedly resigns or is terminated due to industry or organizational changes, and the operation requires competencies that are not currently present in the company’s management. Alternatively, the company may be experiencing operational problems, high turnover, and stagnant innovation.

QFD Ltd. also offers interim management services; providing expert, external leaders for a specified period of time and for a defined task, who possess the necessary competencies, as well as extensive leadership experience gained in international automotive companies. During interim services, our experts have access to QFD Ltd.’s full toolkit.


5 cases when it is worth hiring an interim leader:

When is it necessary?

This activity is often related to organizational changes.

In many cases, it is important to have an external catalyst, an outside expert with experience and skills in change management, to assist the organization in achieving its goals. This person is brought in temporarily to guide the company through the transformation.

The goal is for the organization to reach a higher, more efficient level of operation during the process, and the interim manager can hand over the reins to an internally prepared leader or a newly arrived executive who is ready for the changed structure.

One advantage is that in a crisis situation, an interim manager can be ready to fill a vacant position in a matter of days, while a senior executive selection process can take months, often more than six months. In addition, deploying an interim manager ensures that the management remains operational and productive until a permanent solution is found, and the company defines the desired requirements and frameworks that the new senior executive must meet for the sake of development.

The interim is more than an external consultant because they become more immersed in the organization’s affairs while assessing the situation and determining the action plan.

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