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XII. Regionális Autóipari Beszállítói Konferencia

Kiemelt támogató

A few of our professional partners has the opportunity of being the sole main sponsor of the event.

The package includes:

  • 30 minutes presentation opportunity on the conference/or 90 minutes opportunity to introduce the company at a workshop

  • 6m2 exhibition area on the conference
  • Display your logo on printed and digital communication materials
  • Placing your flyers in the conference pack
  • Publication of 1 professional article on and sharing it on our LinkedIn site
  • 1 promotional video (max. 5 minutes) posted on the event’s landing page, uploaded to the QFD Group YouTube channel after the event, and shared on our LinkedIn site
  • 5 free tickets to the conference

Price: 4990 EUR + VAT

For further information please fill-in the registration form. Our colleagues will contact you soon!

You can find the Exhibitor Conditions here.