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Knüppel Packaging at the Regional Automotive Supplier Conference

Automation and Process Optimization in Packaging

Hann. Münden, September 18, 2023. At this year’s Regional Automotive Supplier Conference in Budapest, Knüppel Packaging will be exhibiting packaging solutions for the automotive industry on September 26th and 27th. The focus will be on topics such as process optimization and customer-specific structural packaging.

One of Knüppel’s strengths is its in-house packaging development, allowing for highly customized solutions tailored to customer requirements. This includes developing CAD-based precision structural packaging solutions and optimizing existing ones. This was exemplified in a case involving a major logistics service provider. They faced issues with a packaging solution used for heavy automotive components during overseas transport, as it failed to meet stability criteria, leading to the collapse of the packaging, and did not provide the necessary corrosion protection. Both of these problems resulted in costly complaints. The specialists at Knüppel’s packaging development department came up with a superior solution. The challenge was to protect particularly sensitive parts of the components during transport while simultaneously securing the heavy components to prevent packaging collapse. Knüppel solved the problem with a specially designed structural packaging and also devised an effective corrosion protection concept. For those who cannot attend the trade show or for post-event review, all the exhibited packaging systems and solutions are thoroughly described on the Knüppel website:

About Knüppel Packaging GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1919 as a paper wholesaler by Hermann Christian Knüppel in Hann. Münden, Knüppel Packaging now offers the complete range of packaging products, from paper, cardboard, wood, and wood composites to corrosion protection packaging, along with machinery and packaging station systems, including associated consumables. A particular emphasis is placed on consulting and developing customer-specific packaging solutions. In addition to six locations in Germany, Knüppel has subsidiaries in Austria, Hungary, and Denmark, as well as other joint venture companies. This makes Knüppel part of a strong, packaging solutions-focused corporate group with approximately 320 employees. The family-owned company is one of the most respected providers in the packaging industry. The management is shared by the grandson of the company founder, Gerhard Hahn, and his son, Ernst Hahn.

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