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GyártásTrend Magazine: Leading the Way in Hungary’s Industrial-Technological Scene

Gyártástrend Magazine is the leading specialist publisher within the industrial-technological market in Hungary. We belong to Professional Publishing Hungary Ltd., which is one of the noted Hungarian specialist publishers with its family of 15 specialist publications. It has gained a market leading position regarding publications in the areas of industrial technologies, medical, media/marketing, food trade.

Our aim is to provide first hand information of the latest Hungarian and international technological developments to engineers working for Hungarian industrial companies, teachers and students in technical higher education and experts interested in technical and industrial novelties.

Month by month the magazine helps them obtain information on the technical-technological possibilities of the different industrial areas and the expectable Hungarian investment, business and technical consequences of the international trends by offering industrial background analyses and case studies of specific companies.

It is the goal and professional principle of GyártásTrend industrial-technological magazine to offer objective and authentic coverage of the events that determine the various industries and the impacts of them. During our work we aspire to provide a forum for experts who are determining personalities of their trade and knowledgeable analysts of the technological-economic processes occurring in the various industries.            

In our portfolio we offer print and online opportunities, and we are the one, who organize the Év Gyára (Factory of the Year) and Év Gyára Projekverseny (Factory of the Year Project award)!  

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