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Automotive Core Tools Online-Quiz

How to complete it?

A worldwide market study of the automotive industry by the VDA QMC has shown that the Automotive Core Tools, i.e. the automotive quality methods and tools, are often poorly applied during system and process audits in the field.

For this reason, the requirements of the VDA qualifications for system and process auditors have been changed to include the topic of Automotive Core Tools.

Knowledge of the Core Tools is a prerequisite for the VDA 6.3: 2023 Certified Process Auditor exam and the IATF 16949 – 1st / 2nd party (internal) auditor exam.

Our related training courses:

Participants must demonstrate that they possess the expected level of knowledge in automotive quality tools (core tools).

This can be achieved by:

Completing the official VDA QMC “(ID 417-EN) Automotive Core Tools for Process and System Auditors or the VDA QMC “(ID 415-EN) Automotive Core Tools (ACT) for Quality Management in the Automotive Industry training.

Alternatively, they must prove that they have completed at least a two-day automotive quality tools (core tools) training with another training provider within the last two years and must participate in an “Automotive Quality Tools (Core Tools)” online quiz.

The online quiz consists of 30 questions, of which you must answer at least 70% (21 questions) correctly. Each question contains four possible answers, only one of which is correct.

You have a total of 60 minutes to answer the 30 questions.

Please note:

Only one attempt is allowed;
You cannot retake the online quiz.

After completing the quiz, the result (pass/fail) is sent out immediately. After successfully completing the quiz, the certificate can be downloaded in PDF format.

If the test is not passed, the (ID 417-EN) Automotive Core Tools for Process and System Auditors course must be completed.

The Core Tools quiz can be completed in English or In German at VDA website (links below). The price of the quiz is 50 euro.

English quiz: Automotive Core Tools Online Quiz (ID 400) – VDA QMC (

German quiz: Automotive Core Tools Online-Quiz (ID 400) – VDA QMC (

It is possible to complete the online quiz in Hungarian, it costs 40 EUR. To fill the quiz in Hungarian please click on the button below:

Core Tools Online Quiz