FMEA Designer - The efficient tool based on VBA-Excel by Audimus and QFD

The requirements

In the automotive industry in particular, the new harmonized status according to AIAG & VDA has been in force since 2019 .

Even though there is no mandatory date for implementation, customers define mandatory implementation for their suppliers for all new projects.

This results in the following challenges and questions, among others:

QFD FMEA Designer

Typical fears of organizations

You might know them also?

What if your Solution had the following Features?

The creation of the FMEA according to the new harmonised standard takes place in the familiar software environment. Intuitive and self-explanatory operation eliminates the need for extensive training for users.

An FMEA can be easily created by means of a compulsory sequence (7 steps), drag & drop error linkage incl. visual plausibility check and ensures methodical error-free implementation.

The data output and presentation is carried out by MS Excel in the VDA form

and thus ensures the documentation requirement 100%.

Creating the FMEA is suddenly not only intuitive, simple and error-proof, but also much faster than before.

Overall, the new approach ensures an enormous increase in acceptance and the FMEA results are plausible and support the organisation in the long term.


But it gets even better!

Your solution realises a force-controlled consistency between FMEA and production control plan.

In future, you will only need one process FMEA regardless of how many different products are manufactured by different customers via the same process. They can even represent special characteristics in customer- specific symbols and maintain process and product specifications in an integrated characteristics database. Finally, they have the possibility to create real, generic FMEA’s with full conformity to customer and standard requirements.

The possibility of error coding makes the FMEA optimally usable in later problem-solving processes. The display of potential causes for the respective defect type is done at the touch of a button.

Mr. Tamás NOVÁK

Sales Manager